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Innovita Research Foundation web site is intended for readers who want to find out qualified information about aging in general and in molecular approach. The point is to emphasize main problems of aging, to reduce aging factors, and to answer the perpetual question what is aging and how it is influenced by our genetic composition and lifestyle.

Aging is a natural stage of human development. In this period adaptivity of organisms' reduces (onset of age related diseases, general run-out of organism). There are possible opportunities to change it; modify the course of aging in the position that the aging person could live sterling life, and as long as possible could stay highly adaptive and valuable to the society.

Our objective is to declare and systematize information about aging elements and linked processes. In this web site large (more than 200 pages, more than 1000 papers are overviewed) aging literature survey is presented.

  • Aging News General - here you can find reviews of the articles and information about aging in general (aging process; factors of aging; ways to slower this process etc.)
  • Aging News Cloning - displays information and article reviews about use of cloning in aging.
  • Aging News Diseases - overviews age related diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's etc.)
  • Survey - general overview of aging process. You can find here detailed, printable information about aging factors, causes, mechanisms etc.
  • Contact us. We are prepared for your questions comments and complaints. Do not hesitate to contact us. With great pleasure we would accept your articles to publish on our web site.
  • Links - there are aging related links, journals and scientific search sites.
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May 21, 2013 Tumor Necrosis Factor Polymorphism and Cognitive Function in Aging
May 16, 2013 Therapeutic Cloning. Critical Reprogramming Factors in Human MII Oocytes are Physically Associated with the Chromosomes?
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