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Autologous Cells for Brain Repair
Posted on: June 17, 2009

Autologous brain cell transplantation might be useful for repairing lesions and restoring function of the central nervous system. Scientists have demonstrated that adult monkey brain cells, obtained from cortical biopsy and kept in culture for a few weeks, exhibit neural progenitor characteristics which make them useful for brain repair.

Following MPTP treatment, primates were dopamine-depleted but asymptomatic. Autologous cultured cells were re-implanted into the right caudate nucleus of the donor monkey. Four months after re-implantation, histological analysis by stereology and TH immunolabelling showed that the re-implanted cells successfully survived, bilaterally migrated in the whole striatum and seemed to have a neuroprotection effect over time.

These results may add a new strategy to the field of brain neuroprotection or regeneration and could possibly lead to future clinical applications.

Source: Brunet JF, Redmond DE Jr, Bloch J.; Primate adult brain cell autotransplantation, a pilot study in asymptomatic MPTP treated monkeys.; Cell Transplant. 2009 Apr 6. pii: CT-1835.
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